Specialty Healthcare


IntroMedic Co Ltd, Korea is specializing in development of innovative technologies to advance field of Capsule Endoscopy. Its Proprietary HBC (Human Body Communication) technology used in the MiroCamTM Capsule Endocope is a novel approach to wireless data transmission technology.

Restech-Respiratory Technology Corporation USA

Restech, a leader in engineering world-class medical technologies that provide comfortable, reliable solutions to assist physicians in the diagnosis of reflux related health problems quickly and decisively. The innovative engineering team at Restech is led by professionals with over two decades experience each in medical device development.

Bedfont Scientific Ltd UK

Bedfont Scientific Ltd specialises in the manufacture of exhaled breath and gas monitoring instruments for medical, scientific and industrial markets throughout the world. Bedfont enjoys global leadership in breath hydrogen monitoring to aid the detection of gastrointestinal disorders (Gastro+ Gastrolyzer®). 

GI Supply, USA

GI Supply designs and manufactures specialty devices which streamline the practice of gastroenterology for doctors and their patients during endoscopic procedures. GI Supply's newest product is the Polar Wand, an endoscopic cryotherapy system that offers a safe, simple means for controlled ablation of tissue in the GI tract.


Panther Healthcare with focus in surgical applied technology, Panther Healthcare provides the health care industry with comprehensive solutions of surgery and surgical products with excellent quality which are widely used in general surgery, thoracic surgery, cardiac surgery, obstetrics and gynecology and many other fileds. 

Allium Medical Solutions Ltd Israel

Allium is a medical device company with a mission of offering the medical community the next generation of stents and stent-like devices. Based on it's proprietary technology, Allium enables physicians to offer more effective stent solutions for enhancing patients' quality of life.  Learn more about how Allium gives Better Options for Your Patients

BeamMed Ltd Israel

BeamMed develop, manufacture and market bone health-related early assessment & monitoring solutions. They lead the market with advanced ultrasound technology and devices that enable physicians to provide early assessment, diagnosis and monitoring of osteoporosis and to assess bone age.



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